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¤ Jan Peacock
¤ Mathew Reichertz
¤ Joyan Saunders
¤ Kathleen Tetlock
¤ Gary Wilson
¤ Robert Zingone

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Roots & Shoots

Mathew Reichertz Untitled
Mathew Reichertz Untitled

Mathew Reichertz Untilted No. 44 (Tiny Town series) 2006 oil on canvas, 152.4 x 182.88 cm
15 Jul 2006 – 1 Oct 2006

This exhibition draws out tendencies that circulate among the artists of Halifax Regional Municipality and its environs, suggesting patterns of artistic affiliation as well as rifts. Individual artists from a range of career stages and practices were invited to nominate a work by another artist for presentation. Nominated artists, in turn, selected a work by their nominator. Each then contributed a text responding to aesthetic and thematic qualities of the work they selected. An illustrated catalogue containing the texts accompanies the exhibition. Artists include: Gerard Choy, Frances Dorsey, Wilma Needham, Peter Dykhuis, Drew Klassen, Ivan Murphy, Geri Nolan-Hilfiker, Susan McEachern, Dan O’Neill, Ariella Pahlke, Jan Peacock, Mathew Reichertz, Leah Garnett, Joyan Saunders & Kathleen Tetlock, Gary Wilson, and Robert Zingone

“PARTY WITH THE ARTISTS” RECEPTION on Thursday, 7 September, 7-9 p.m. The free charter bus leaves 5163 Duke Street at 6:30 p.m., returning downtown at 9:00.

Roots & ShootsExhibition Catalogue

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Exhibition Images
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Gerard Choy Take Out One TonRobert Zingone Untitled 2006Susan McEachern, Herbivores 2006Susan McEachern, Herbivores 2006 

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