Beyond Words

Kelly Mark. Installation view: Canadian 2001, Letraset on paper, 81.2 x 101.5; courtesy of Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto; Jazz 2001, Letraset on paper, 81.2 x 101.5, Collection of the Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa; 2000: No. 934614, Big Truck Tire, Gothic, Plus Sign, YSZZZ, Peter Farhni; 2001: Made in England, Arrows, Strobos, Freda Sack, Space, Pneuma, 007, Olive Bold, Letraset, USA Order No. 65144_BC, Q, O, Bertram, Oil Well Symbols, Lexikos; 2002: Circle A, Letraset on paper, courtesy of Wynick/Tuck Gallery.

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