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Blind Stairs

Blind Stairs: Installation view
Blind Stairs: Installation view

Janice Gurney, Mary Scott, Arlene Stamp. Blind Stairs. Installation view, MSVU Art Gallery, 2003.
15 Mar 2003 – 4 May 2003

Janice Gurney, Mary Scott and Arlene Stamp have been exhibiting sometimes together, and more or less as painters for more than two decades. In the last six years, they independently decided to reflect on strategies of citation and appropriation that were already entrenched in their practices. Each began to recycle, sample, and "cannibalize" her own earlier works.

Blind Stairs includes works dating from the early 1980s to the present. Since each artist incorporates traces of other persons (who may or may not be artists) in her production, this group mid-career retrospective avoids the tendency of solo retrospectives to separate artistic authorship from historical context. Instead, it offers a chance to explore patterns of affiliation and appropriation that indicate a particular artistic subjectivity. Arising from feminist and Conceptual art paradigms, this artistic persona appears to have more in common with the jazz ensemble than with the solitary figure of the painter.

Blind Stairs: Janice Gurney, Mary Scott, and Arlene Stamp 2003Exhibition Catalogue
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Artist Reception
Janice Gurney and Arlene Stamp attended the special opening reception on Saturday, 15 March.

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Blind Stairs, Installation viewBlind Stairs: Installation viewBlind View, Installation viewMary Scott: Blind Stairs 

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