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Losing it: Jarvis, Pagurek, Wensley

MaryAnne Wensley, Coping Mechanism
MaryAnne Wensley, Coping Mechanism

Mary-Anne Wensley, Coping Mechanism #3, The Troller 2000
14 Aug 2010 – 5 Oct 2010

This witty and emotionally charged exhibition includes works by Kirtley Jarvis, Cheryl Pagurek, and Mary-Anne Wensley. Whether the art serves to provoke or assuage anxiety is an open question.

Pagurek’s floor-projected video Flow will be presented alongside Reflections, a series of backlit photographic transparencies. The installations evokes the perceptions of a persona with dementia.

Jarvis’ installation, Home Show for the Homeless, resembles a cluttered living room. Most of the elements in the room are emblazoned with exact replications of panhandlers’ signs or the wobbly script and misspellings of the demented and the mentally ill.

The script in Jarvis’ work will be mirrored in Mary-Anne Wensley’s dehiscence: to gape or burst, a performative wall drawing made from sausage casings, which she will re-create during the opening. Also presented are Wensley’s Coping Mechanisms, kinetic sculptures which physically engage viewers—rubbing shoulders, smacking their heads, etc.

OPENING RECEPTION Meet the artists and participate in the installations during the opening reception on 14 August

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Exhibition Images
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Cheryl Pagurek Reflection 2Cheryl Pagurek, Flow video captureCheryl Pagurek, Reflection 5Kirtley Jarvis WiredKirtley Jarvis, Menu
Mary-Anne Wensley, Dehiscence 2Mary-Anne Wensley, The TrollerMary-Anne Wensley, The WhackerMary-Anne Wensley, {I}Coping Mechanism #3 

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