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¤ Louise Bourque
¤ Neil Burns
¤ Peter Gmehling
¤ Alexandra Grimanis
¤ Freda Guttman
¤ Rick Hancox
¤ Nelson Henricks
¤ Mike Hoolboom
¤ Gunilla Josephson
¤ Jennifer Lam
¤ Paul Landon
¤ Deirdre Logue
¤ Raphael Montanez Ortiz
¤ Doug Porter
¤ David Rimmer
¤ Karyn Sandlos
¤ Rae Staseson
¤ Barbara Sternberg
¤ Ho Tam
¤ Steven Topping
¤ Natasha Uppal

¤ Gerda J. Cammaer

¤ Emerging Artists
¤ Film, Video & Performance
¤ Modernist Survivals

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Changing Times, Time Changes
Canadian Experimental Films and Videos of the 1990s

Changing Times, Time Changes
Changing Times, Time Changes

11 Mar 2002 – 25 Mar 2002

"In experimental work, time is almost tangible; it has substantial value," says filmmaker Gerda Cammaer. Accordingly, her selection highlights works in which time is used to create a physical experience, presented as a theme, or treated as a receptacle in which to collect images. The intimate, personal and self-reflective tone of these films and videos contrasts with the grand discursive scope of 1980s media art.

Introduced by Cammaer and visiting artists, the series includes film and video by Louise Bourque, Nelson Hendriks, Mike Hoolboom, and Barbara Sternberg, among many others.

See also Placing Space, Spacing Places.

Changing Times, Time Changes: Canadian Experimental Films and Videos of the 1990sExhibition Catalogue
Read an excerpt from the catalogue...

Screening Times

  • 7-10 p.m. at the Bell Auditorium, NSCAD.
  • Free admission.
  • A catalogue with an essay and program notes by guest curator Gerda Johanna Cammaer is available through MSVU Art Gallery.
  • Filmmaker Louise Bourque introduced her films during the 18 March screening.

  • Part I: Time Has No Image
    11 March 2002
    • (Loco-)Motive 1999. Gunilla Josephson (video)
    • Reading Canada Backwards 1995. Steven Topping (16mm)
    • Thatís Too Much 1996. Raphael Montanez Ortiz (video)
    • Time Passes 1998. Nelson Henricks (video)
    • Time has no Image 1991. Doug Porter (video)
    • Grace Eternal 1998. Neil Burns (16mm)
    • Photocopier 1997. Jennifer Lam (video)
    • Daily 1998. Natasha Uppal (16mm)
    • Bus No. 7 2001. Ho Tam (video)
    • Temps Incertain 1993. Paul Landon (video)
    • Local Knowledge 1992. David Rimmer (16mm)
    • Ozone 1999. Peter Gmehling (video)

  • Part II: Going Back Home
    18 March 2002
    • Just Words 1991. Louise Bourque (16mm)
    • The People in the House 1994. Louise Bourque (16mm)
    • Imprint 1994. Louise Bourque (16mm)
    • Fissures 1999. Louise Bourque (16mm)
    • Going Back Home 2000. Louise Bourque (16mm)
    • The Dollhouse Diaries 1999. Rae Staseson (video)
    • Moose Jaw 1992. Rick Hancox (16mm)

  • Part III: Like a Dream That Vanishes
    25 March 2002
    • Film Muet/Silent Movie 1994. Freda Guttman (video)
    • My Memories of Me 2001. Ho Tam (video)
    • Mothers of Me 1999. Alexandra Grimanis (16mm)
    • Passing Through 1998. Karyn Sandlos (video)
    • Enlightened Nonsense 2000. Deirdre Logue (video)
    • Jack 2000. Mike Hoolboom (16mm)
    • Like a Dream that Vanishes 1999. Barbara Sternberg (16mm)

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