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Nancy Nisbet: Exchange 2006
19 Jun 2006 – 22 Jun 2006
Canadian artist Nancy Nisbet will be parking her 18-wheeler on the MSVU campus, within view of Bedford Highway, from June 19 to 22 as part of her Exchange 2006 tour, a freewheeling, free trade-resistant, frequency-jamming trek around the continent
Nancy Nisbet, Exchange 2006 Tour Route Map
Floating Worlds
(Window Box)

28 May 2005 – 7 Aug 2005
Floating Worlds presents the works of two self-taught artists and former fisherman: Bernie Carpenter and Frank McKeough
Bernie Carpenter, Untitled
Free Sample
12 Mar 2005 – 24 Apr 2005
So who doesn’t like free samples? And what’s that got to do with art? Kelly Mark’s new exhibition, Free Sample, can help you figure that out.
Hamilton’s Who’s Gonna Tell Jesus Tehre’s no Santa Claus
Annual MSVU Community Show
25 Nov 2004 – 12 Dec 2004
From quilts to baking and from photographs to embroidery: practically anything made by Mount Saint Vincent students, staff, faculty and alumnae is eligible for entry in the annual creative extravaganza.
MSVU Art Gallery Entrance
The Found and Familiar
Snapshots in Contemporary Canadian Art

10 Apr 2004 – 5 Jun 2004
In the midst of a technological revolution, this exhibition acknowledges the power of the snapshot as well as its materiality, and marks a shift in our relationship to this most personal of objects.
Curreri: Untitled from The Bicycle Race
Work Work Work
27 Mar 2004 – 23 May 2004
Taken from the university collection, these works, which use materials such as plywood, acoustic tile, a tea towel and pantry equipment, invite comparison with hobby craft, housework, and puttering.
work work work installation
(Window Box)

8 Mar 2001 – 30 Jun 2001
Created by the MSVU Art Gallery and the Nancy’s Chair in Women’s Studies, this exhibition explodes the pharmaceutical ads and explores the questions they raise.
Gather Beneath the Banner
Political & Religious Banners of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union 1877-1932

3 Mar 2001 – 11 Apr 2001
The 21 embroidered and painted banners in this exhibition proclaim the conservative beliefs and radical activism of one of Canada's most successful women's organizations, the W.C.T.U.
Hamilton W.C.T.U.: Workers with God
Fugit Hora: Rubbings from Puritan Gravestones
(Window Box)

15 Nov 2000 – 25 Feb 2001
These rubbings were done in the 1970s by Dr. Nancy Chesworth (Mount Saint Vincent University Tourism & Hospitality Management), in Massachusetts graveyards.
Fugit Hora
Little Scratchings
(Window Box)

4 Mar 2000 – 28 May 2000
This exhibition juxtoposes two representations of the Mount Saint Vincent University student body: as a collection of photographed faces and as faceless producers of graffiti.
Queer Looking, Queer Acting
Lesbian and Gay Vernacular

11 Oct 1997 – 16 Nov 1997
An examination of Halifax's lesbian and gay cultural production, which has had a vernacular character arising from the activist project of liberation.
Catalogue cover

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