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Changing Times, Time Changes
Canadian Experimental Films & Videos of the 1990s

Changing Times, Time Changes
Changing Times, Time Changes
Changing Times, Time Changes: Canadian Experimental Films and Videos of the 1990sPurchase the catalogue
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by Ingrid Jenkner

This catalogue documents a series of films and videos programmed by Gerda Cammaer for Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, and screened at the Nova Scotia College of art and Design in March 2002. Many of the works made their Halifax debut in this series, which also introduces Gerda Cammaer as a newcomer to the local film scene.

A filmmaker herself, Ms. Cammaer lives and breathes film. She also teaches film studies, and brings eloquent, original insights to questions of film aesthetics. Her curatorial focus on time as a theme and formal element makes Changing Times a fitting sequel to the Joyce Wieland film retrospective presented by the gallery in 2000.

Changing Times, Time Changes was made possible by financial support from the Canada Council for the Arts. N.S.C.A.D. very generously provided a venue for the screenings. It has been an intensive and pleasurable education to have worked with Gerda Cammaer, and to have joined her crusade in the cause of experimental film.

Table of Contents
1. Time Has no Image
* (Loco-)Motive 1999 Gunilla Josephson (video)
* Reading Canada Backwards 1995 Stephen Topping (16 mm)
* That’s Too Much 1996 Raphael Montaiez Oritz (video)
* Time Passes/Le Temps Passse 1998 Nelson Henricks (video)
* Time has no Image 1991 Doug Porter (video)
* Grace Eternal 1998 Neil Burns (16mm)
* Photocopier 1997 Jennifer Lam (video)
* Daily 1998 Natasha Uppal (16mm)
* Bus No. 7 2001 ho Tam (video)
* Temps Incertain 1993 Paul Landon (video)
* Local Knowledge 1992 David Rimmer (16mm)
* Ozone 1999 Peter Gmehling (video)
2. Going Back Home
* Just Words 1991 Louise Bourque (16mm)
* The People in the House 1994 Louise Bourque (16mm)
* Imprint 1994 Louise Bourque (16mm)
* Fissures 1999 Louise Bourque (16mm)
* Going Back Home 2000 Louise Bourque (16mm)
* The Dollhouse Diaries 1999 Rae Staeson (video)
* Moose Jaw 1992 Rick Hancox (16mm)
3. Like a Dream that Vanishes
* Film Muet/Silent movie 1994 Freda Guttman (video)
* My Memories of Me 2001 Ho Tam (video)
* Mother of Me 1999 Alexandra Grimanis (16mm)
* Passing Through 1998 Karyn Sandlos (video)
* Enlightened Nonsense 2000 Deirdre Logue (video)
* Jack 2000 Mike Hoolboom (16mm)
* Like a Dream that Vanishes 1999 Barbara Sternberg (16mm)

— Foreword — Ingrid Jenkner
— Acknowledgements — Gerda Johanna Cammaer
— "A Decade of Closure, Tele-Vision and Retro-Vision" — Gerda Johanna Cammaer

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