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How to Book a Class Tour

The MSVU Art Gallery has long served as an on-campus resource for professors and students who value the enrichment that visual arts add to the academic experience. Students from disciplines such as English, Education, Cultural Studies, History, Sociology/Anthropology, Public Relations and Women’s Studies regularly take part in artists’ and curators’ talks, panel discussions, coffee receptions and customized class visits held in the Gallery.

Students from any discipline can benefit from exposure to visual art. At MSVU Art Gallery we emphasize interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge, encouraging students to develop depth of understanding through various avenues of critical access. Our educational programs aim to develop an active critical response to visual phenomena, in place of passive “art appreciation.”

The MSVU Art Gallery offers guided class tours tailored around themes and points of inquiry specific to a given subject. The gallery is open for tours Tuesday-Friday, 11-5, but special arrangements can often be made for classes that meet outside those hours.

To Book a Class Tour

Discover the program

  • First visit the Art Gallery’s exhibitions home page to view images and brief descriptions of current and upcoming exhibitions.

    Contact MSVU Art Gallery at 457-6160 or by email: art.gallery@msvu.ca, to discuss which exhibitions will best reinforce syllabus. Susan can also advise on ways to make connections between the art and the subject you are teaching.

    Prepare for a visit

    • We recommend that you preview the exhibition in the art gallery. Aspects of the art such as spatial disposition, size, physical characteristics, and in some cases, audio components, cannot be adequately represented on-line or in print.

      Book a class visit

      • When booking the tour, please provide us with the full course name and the number of students in the class. We require a minimum of one week’s notice to prepare the tour.

      • We will provide you with one copy of a tour outline specific to your class’s visit to the gallery. You are responsible for making photocopies if you wish to provide them to your students.

      • If you have any questions about our class tours program, please don’t hesitate to contact the Art Gallery at the above telephone number and e-mail address. We look forward to seeing you and your students in the gallery!

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