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Prospect 18: Christiane Poulin. Echoes
13 Oct 2018 – 16 Dec 2018
Exhibitions in the Prospect series introduce artists in the early phases of their careers. A retired physician, Poulin recently graduated from NSCAD with a BFA in Textiles and the 2017 Starfish Student Art Award. She lives in Halifax. The woven structures of her site-oriented installation allude to Brutalist design integrated into a landscape.
Christiane Poulin, Winds of Change: A Lace-scape 2016
Activist Ink
12 Jan 2013 – 24 Feb 2013
Emily Davidson, Dan O'Neill and Ericka Walker are three Haligonian printmakers whose work revives the history of socially engaged printmaking.
Ericka Walker, Reduced
Prospect 16: Declan O'Dowd
15 Dec 2012 – 3 Mar 2013
This is the sixteenth of the Prospect exhibitions, which introduce Nova Scotian artists in the early stages of their careers.
Declan O’Dowd, Garden 2: Cat and Chicken 2010
Using It: ArtStars, Lendrum, Valentina
14 Aug 2010 – 17 Oct 2010
The creation and presentation of self through assumed personae is as old as theatre. Today YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites enable individuals to create myriad versions of themselves capable of interactions with an ever-expanding on-line audience.
Nadja Sayej, still from ArtStars
Stock: Stack, Kyle Monchuk
2 Jul 2009 – 23 Sep 2009
Stack is the first in a series of exhibitions conceived especially for the MSVU Library vitrines. Participating artists are given access to over-stocked catalogues published by MSVU Art Gallery, as raw material for the creation of new work.
Kyle Monchuk Study for Stack 2009
Prospect 13: The Encounter by Suzanne Caines
25 Oct 2008 – 14 Dec 2008
This is the 13th of the Prospect exhibitions, which feature artists in the emergent stages of their careers. Suzanne Caines, a NSCAD graduate, returned to Halifax after receiving her MFA from Chelsea College, London.
Suzanne Caines The Encounter
Prospect 12: Dustin Wenzel
22 Sep 2007 – 9 Dec 2007
The Prospect series is designed to introduce artists in the early stages of their careers, in the form of a small solo exhibition with catalogue. The young sculptor Dustin Wenzel needs little introduction, having already made the news with the vandalization of his bronze bust of a white-tailed doe.
Dustin Wenzel, Chicken 2006
Prospect 11: Doug Taylor
15 Dec 2006 – 18 Feb 2007
Born in Sydney and now living in Halifax, CKDU broadcaster Doug Taylor attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design as a mature student, graduating in 1992. His source images are photographs of recreations such as country fairs, demolition derbies and Khyber Club performances
Doug Taylor Demolition Derby No. 5
Free Sample
12 Mar 2005 – 24 Apr 2005
So who doesn’t like free samples? And what’s that got to do with art? Kelly Mark’s new exhibition, Free Sample, can help you figure that out.
Hamilton’s Who’s Gonna Tell Jesus Tehre’s no Santa Claus
The Devil’s Workshop
25 Apr 2002 – 23 Jun 2002
"The Devil finds work for idle hands," goes the saying, and this exhibition explores the implications of this proverb in the works of young artists.
Goody-B. Wiseman: Keeping Her Cool
Changing Times, Time Changes
Canadian Experimental Films and Videos of the 1990s

11 Mar 2002 – 25 Mar 2002
Gerda Cammaer’s selection highlights works in which time is used to create a physical experience, presented as a theme, or treated as a receptacle in which to collect images.
Changing Times, Time Changes
Do Try This At Home
24 Apr 2001 – 17 Jun 2001
In this exhibition, most works have been assembled from scraps, discards and inexpensive household supplies by means of repetitive procedures such as knitting, filling, stuffing, stapling, and so on.
Leah Garnett: Untitled
Prospect 8: Rebecca Roberts Paintings
22 Oct 2000 – 17 Dec 2000
Working from photographs, Roberts makes small, lusciously executed paintings in which the nude female figure fills the pictorial field.
Rebecca Roberts: Untitled
Prospect 7: Amanda Schoppel — Corporeal
17 Apr 1999 – 30 May 1999
For me the rubber band provides abundant possibilities, involving tension or potential tension, internal systems and the inevitable degradation or life span. — Amanda Schoppel
Amanda Schoppel: Corporeal
Lunch Money
31 Mar 1999 – 2 May 1999
To demonstrate how artmaking counteracts the effects of privation, the Toronto-based curators Kim Fullerton and Cheryl Sourkes made an exhibition of works by young artists from Vancouver, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.
Lisa Baldissera: Snow
Style Council
15 Jan 1999 – 7 Feb 1999
The term "style" has been displaced in the art lexicon by phrases such as "signifying practice." Yet distinctiveness, elegance, even perversity of expression continue to enjoy a lively currency in the art world.
Style Council
Prospect 6: Painting by Sarra McNie
23 May 1998 – 2 Aug 1998
Like her predecessors in the Prospect series, Sarra McNie has constructed a version of herself — a persona — which then inhabits her work as subject matter.
Sarra McNie: Iron Tulip
Prospect 5: Proximities
14 Jun 1997 – 27 Jul 1997
Halifax painter Alisa Snyder’s suite of paintings depicts marginal landscapes: the scrubby growth at the edges of woods and residential plots.
Alisa Snyder: Proximities
Andrea Ward: Hairstories
18 Jul 1996 – 16 Sep 1996
Andrea Ward's 41-piece series gives voice to women's concerns about this one aspect of their appearance: their hair.
Andrea Ward: Hairstories
Prospect 4: Glynis Humphrey — Gorge
29 May 1996 – 7 Jul 1996
Including video and installation elements that implied the bodily presence of a monstrously large woman, Gorge filled the space with conflicting suggestions of guilty excess and sensual pleasure, connected with eating and sexual repression.
Glynis Humphrey: Gorge
Prospect 3: Mongrel Moods
Video by Dorain Henderson

17 Feb 1996 – 24 Mar 1996
A 21-minute tape that confronts the intimate illusion of home video with a poetically controlled vision of family dissolution.
Dorain Henderson: Headache
Prospect 2: Kelly Mark Works
15 Jul 1995 – 3 Sep 1995
This exhibition recreated the utilitarian space of the artist’s live-in studio, suggesting references to work as task and the concept of "a work."
Kelly Mark: Mended Stool
Prospect 1: Knit Like a Sweater
Paintings by Cheralyn Ryan

25 Mar 1995 – 7 May 1995
Cheralyn Ryan's paintings, which combine shallow pictorial space, intertwined imagery and uniformly textured surfaces, indicate how she is interested in the complexity of ecological relationships.
Cheralyn Ryan: Forever Wiggy

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